Buyers guides

Discussing bicycle parts, equipment and technology is what I love. Something is constantly being optimized, has to be replaced or I simply test new products.

Here you will find all articles that are intended as buying guides, broken down into different components and suitable accessories on your bike.


Good tools are the key to stress-free work and longevity of parts.

Drive Train: Chain

Bicycle chains, lubes, cleaning agents and products on the transmission.

Bicycle Drive Train, Cranks, Pedals & Bottom Bracket

Buying guide on the subject of crank and direct drive.

Bicycle Tires

Buying guides on the topic of tires and what goes with them: pumps, hoses, etc.

Gadgets: Bike Computers

Tests and buying guides on the subject of navigation and electronic helpers.

Electronics: Light

The best lights to keep you and your bike safe.

Bicycle Brakes

Find the right brakes and components for your bike.

Bicycle Frame and Fork

Sit and ride comfortably with good saddles and other components on the frame.

Handlebars, Shifters and Brake Levers

Buying guides to components on the handlebar: Cell phone holders, brake levers and handlebar tapes.


Small tools, helpers and advice on products in the bicycle workshop.